Direct Carbon Capture and Processing Capabilities



Direct Carbon Capture and Processing Capabilities

TCB has developed a ruggedized, robust Direct Carbon Capture and Processing solution that converts low-carbon nature-based biomass (with a focus on industrial hemp) into biochar, green charcoal, carbon black, and other Advanced Carbon intermediate inputs.

These low-carbon inputs are effective net-zero alternatives for high-carbon petroleum and coal-based materials used broadly in today’s conventional manufacturing processes, globally, e.g., plastics, rubber, fertilizers, etc.

TCB’s process provides an environmentally sustainable net-zero alternative that reduces GHG emissions and supports sustainable, circular economic development opportunities across Africa, the USA, and globally.

Leveraging Web 3.0 Technologies

To support its operations and differentiate itself in the market, TCB not only deploys low-cost solutions for biomass conversion and agri-waste recovery it leverages a variety of Web 3.0 technologies, including smart agriculture and edge-IoT technology to track decarbonization and recarbonization via blockchain and smart contract technology to support online payments and market access.

These digital technologies can help to improve access to agricultural and trade finance, enabling small agri-businesses, especially in most African countries, to compete with larger firms for carbon finance opportunities.

From Carbon Capture to Carbon Credit Generation

In addition to providing environmentally sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel-based inputs, TCB's process also captures and sequesters carbon, providing a cost-effective digital platform for carbon sequestration and carbon credit origination.

Beyond providing real, measurable, local socioeconomic impacts, TCB’s growing carbon finance offering can be an additional valuable source of income for agricultural producers, particularly in African communities where TCB focuses on investing and providing access to new income sources through carbon credits and microfinance.

“ Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

—Albert Einstein


Platform Features

  • Proprietary Genomics and Cultivars: We leverage our proprietary IP in hemp genetics and biomass conversion which enables a direct carbon capture process to sequester significantly higher carbon than most other approaches, providing the most cost-effective platform for carbon sequestration and carbon credit origination.
  • Processing Equipment: We deploy a fully functional mobile, containerized “MicroHub” Processing Center that converts raw materials into biochar, green charcoal, and carbon black.
  • Smart agriculture and edge-IoT technology: TCB uses these technologies to track decarbonization and soil remediation and to expand access to high-quality carbon credits.
  • Blockchain support: TCB uses blockchain technology to support online payments, cloud computing, and market access, improving agricultural and trade finance and enabling small businesses to compete with larger firms.