Carbon Credits Marketplace

a streamlined marketplace for the carbon industry



PROBLEM: Today’s Carbon Credit markets (VCM and Regulatory) are fraught with offsets that are unverifiable, double counted or simply fraudulent.  A novel approach is necessary.  Manual processes and existing methodologies are simply inefficient and unsustainable. We solve this growing problem!

The ‘MCA’ … A “BEST in MARKET” Solution

TCB delivers a vertically integrated Climate / FinTech-based solution delivering the “MetaCarbon Asset” (MCA). The MCA will become the superior carbon credit asset for any digital asset exchange:

  • MCA drives off cloud-connected IoT-at-the-edge technology necessary to measure and monitor net-carbon aggregation for verifiable, validated “true carbon sequestration” at the source – minimizing or eliminating human interface, miscalculation, and any possibility of greenwashing.
  • Our proprietary low-carbon eco-processing and green manufacturing technologies produce ‘Advanced Carbons’ from renewable biomass generating 100 year plus carbon sinks: value captured in the MCA.
  • A fully interoperable, decentralized Proof-of-Stake blockchain solution supported by both mutable and immutable on-chain / off-chain Smart Contract transaction data w/ add’l full suite of dAPPs and SMART APPs (e.g., Track & Trace, Microfinance) on an integrated platform (iPaaS).


TCB’s digital platform uses mobile applications, online payment platforms, cloud computing, and blockchains to enable commercial users (both small farmers in Africa and larger operations) direct carbon finance market access … and most importantly enables small businesses to compete against larger, more established firms.

Additionally, we are developing online assessment tools to assist in evaluating the company from an ESG perspective including, employees, competencies, and material GHG reduction performance. All systems are browser-based with integrated capacity development + payment + tracking + analytics; rich (Scope1-2-3) compliance management.

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves”

—Mahatma Gandhi

The Carbon Blockchain platform

Marketplace Features

Verification: Trust

To ensure trust between players, users enter and upload necessary credentials, licenses, and certifications as part of The Carbon Blockchain onboarding.

Tracking: Quality

To build consumer trust and awareness, the Carbon Blockchain stores product quality information and translates that for the end consumer.

Tracing: Provenance

To demonstrate best practices for transforming natural plant-based biomass into Advanced Carbons, The Carbon Blockchain records chain of custody for raw and processed materials.

Commerce: Product & Carbon

To facilitate commerce, Carbon Blockchain connects industry participants throughout the value chain, while providing the carbon industry’s most technologically advanced system for trading carbon offsets/credits.